Hailing from Central New Jersey, Tango Machina provides an acerbic brand of aggressive rock n' roll to a scene that sorely lacks it. Formed as a musical partnership between singer/guitarist Paul Caffrey and bassist Damion DeStefano, the goal was easily established from the outset: create quality hard rock music for personal and public consumption, in an era that has watered down and homogenized the very definition of what “hard rock” music can and should be. Joined by drummer Jesse Comerford, the group swiftly established a name for themselves locally in legendary basements and retro bowling alleys as a power trio.

Tango Machina live demonstrations can be downright polarizing; typically, the audience either loves the riotous display before them, or they are scared right out of the room. There is no middle ground. Biting, riff-driven rock combined with oblique, often caustic lyrics that are delivered with a disarming sense of melody. This is music meant for physical stomping and writhing, preferably with a beer (or stronger) in hand.

The groups’s self-titled debut EP (released August 28th, 2012) was recorded entirely at singer/guitarist Paul Caffrey's house; from living room drum sessions to kitchen guitar tracking, the Tango Machina EP is the epitome of DIY. The Tango Machina EP was also self-produced and mixed by Caffrey, and was then mastered by Chad I. Ginsburg (CKY) to ensure the best, realest sound possible from the homeschooled tracks. The artwork, design, photography, and layout of the physical packaging were all handled by the group’s jack-of-all-trades and director of media, Joey Rubino.

This is not the Grammy Awards’ version of hard rock. This is not the Billboard chart’s favorite flavor-of-the-week nu-metal holdover. This is Tango Machina, and this is music delivered as a bullet.

Tango Machina is:
Paul Caffrey – Vocals/Guitar
Damion DeStefano – Bass/Vocals
Jesse Comerford – Drums

Tango Machina EP available now on iTunes and Amazon MP3, streamable on Spotify.

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